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What products are Topfoison small and medium bar tft lcds used for?

With the development of science and technology, LCD screens are used in every corner of our lives, and the bar screen is just one of the new products. For example, smart home, instrumentation, 3C digital, smart watches, retail shelves, etc., can all see strip LCD screens. Now more and more new products use Topfoison small and medium bar tft lcd. The unique shape of the bar LCD screen is more eye-catching than ordinary LCD screens. The following is an introduction to the concept, application scope and product characteristics of the bar LCD screen.


Bar LCD screen:

A strip LCD screen refers to a long strip LCD screen with a larger aspect ratio than ordinary LCD screens. Due to its long size, high definition, and rich display information, it has been used in many industries and is becoming more and more popular. Combining the strip LCD screen with the information release system, it can support split-screen playback, time-sharing playback, multi-screen synchronization, linkage playback, etc.

The application range of the bar-shaped LCD screen is quite extensive, involving all aspects of our lives. The bar-shaped LCD screen perfectly combines pictures, videos, texts, and sounds, and has the characteristics of high-definition, high brightness, rich colors, vivid images, and simplicity.

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It can be seen from the concept, application range, and product characteristics of the bar-shaped LCD screen that the development field of the bar-shaped LCD screen is getting wider and wider, and the product strength is getting stronger and stronger. So what are its characteristics?

1. The reliability and stability of the bar LCD screen. The liquid crystal substrate of the bar LCD screen is processed by a unique process. It has the characteristics of industrial LCD screen, high reliability, strong stability, and is suitable for working in harsh environments.

2. The strip LCD screen has low energy consumption and long service life. The bar-shaped LCD screen adopts imported aluminum substrate, which has high heat absorption and heat dissipation efficiency, which can minimize the LED backlight attenuation, minimize the impact of backlight heating on the liquid crystal substrate, effectively save energy and prolong life.

3. The wide temperature characteristics of the strip LCD screen. The operating temperature and storage temperature of the bar LCD screen can meet high or low temperature conditions, and can work all day at natural ambient temperature, which is very suitable for use in any outdoor environment.

4. Intelligent control of strip LCD screen. The high-brightness bar LCD screen can be equipped with an automatic photosensitive controller, which can automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the surrounding environment, so that the screen image can achieve the best visual effect and the best brightness ratio, and at the same time can reduce the aging speed of the screen.

5. The contrast ratio of the strip LCD screen is high. The bar LCD screen has high contrast and resolution, gorgeous color display, ultra-fast response time, and unique backlight scanning technology, which improves the visual performance of dynamic images.

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