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Is LCD the same as LED?

Is LCD the same as LED? Strictly speaking, LED is a kind of LCD. Compared with traditional LCD, LED has many advantages such as high brightness, wide color gamut, fast response speed, independent switch, and no harmful substances such as mercury. To sum up, the LCD panel with LED as the backlight has three advantages compared with the LCD with CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) as the light source.

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1. The thickness of LCD with LED backlight is small

The LED backlight is composed of a plurality of grid-shaped semiconductors, each grid has an LED semiconductor, which successfully realizes the planarization of the light source. The flat light source not only has excellent brightness uniformity, but also does not require complicated optical path design, so that the thickness of the LCD panel can be made thinner, and at the same time, it has higher reliability and stability. Thinner LCD panels mean lighter devices and better mobility. Generally speaking, the thickness of the LED screen notebook panel is about 1/2 of the ordinary CCFL screen notebook.

2. longer life, lower power consumption, more environmentally friendly

According to the data, the LCD screen alone accounts for about 30% of the energy consumption of the notebook computer, and the LED backlight system can greatly reduce the energy consumption. 48% power saving than ordinary CCFL LCD screen. And LEDs do not use mercury that is harmful to the environment, so they are quite environmentally friendly, while CCFLs contain mercury. LEDs are very environmentally friendly.

Another great advantage of LEDs is that they have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. Even if you use it continuously for 10 hours a day, you can use it continuously for 27 years. Compared with products using CCFT liquid crystal, the thickness of products using LCD liquid crystal is reduced from 9mm to 4.5mm, the weight is reduced by 26%, the battery life is extended by one hour, and the screen pressure resistance is more than doubled. Since the traditional LCD light needs to increase the power supply voltage to 530V to work normally, the LCD screen with LED technology only needs 40V voltage to work normally, so the power supply can be used more efficiently, and the battery life can reach 9 hours.

3. The color expression of LED backlight screen is far better than CCFL

Higher refresh rates allow LEDs to perform better in video. The single-element response speed of the LED display is 1000 times that of the LCD screen, which can also be taken care of under strong light, and can adapt to the low temperature of minus 40 degrees. The RGB LED light source greatly improves the color expression; on the other hand, the original CCFL backlight has poor performance in color gradation due to the problem of color purity. Therefore, LCDs are inferior to CRTs in terms of grayscale and color transitions. According to the test, the CCFL backlight can only achieve 78% of the NTSC color area, while the LED backlight can easily achieve more than 100% of the NTSC color area. In terms of color performance and color gradation transition, LED backlight also has significant advantages.

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Is LCD the same as LED? From the above comparison, we have already got the answer, obviously the LCD screen with LED backlight is much better.

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